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Reach-In Cooler Repair

Terry’s AC & Refrigeration

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to maintain things, a component fails in one of your refrigerators…

This can lead to a variety of common problems, such as:

  • Noisy operation
  • Inefficiency resulting in higher bills suddenly
  • Difficulty maintaining temperature
  • Complete shutdown

No matter the issue your unit is facing, a member of our team can help. We can inspect everything and find even the subtlest of issues that can dramatically improve how your system runs. If you are left with a hot house in the middle of a Arizona summer, call us immediately so we can get you cool and comfortable again! We are able to repair, service or maintain any commercial kitchen equipment, including your reach-in cooler quickly & without a fuss.

We specialise in commercial refrigerator & appliance repairs. We repair all makes and models of refrigerators. We use factory-recommended parts as well as very experienced technicians for all refrigeration repairs, Terry’s A/C & Refrigeration is fully licensed and insured and we have an excellent reputation. Sectors we serve include Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Schools, Nursing home, Hospitals, Nurseries, Garden Centres, Offices, Government Buildings, Shops, Retail, Grocery Stores & anywhere around Tempe that has a commercial kitchen!

  • Walk-in Chillers, Coolers, Fridges & Freezers
  • Prep Counters, Mutil Deck & Display Fridges
  • Commercial Freezers, Commercial Refrigerators
  • Ice Machines, Condensing Units
  • Under Counter Fridges, Freezers & Blast Freezer
  • Gas & Electric Commercial Cookers, Fryers, Grills, Salamanders, Griddles & Ovens
  • We service and repair all major brands. Click to see if we cover your brand.


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